2 Large Bottle Hot Chocolate Gift Set With Box

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2 Large Bottle Hot Chocolate Gift Set With Box

We have created what we think is the most exquisite hot chocolate gift box possible. Each custom wooden box comes with two large Mutari Hot Chocolate bottles of your choice along with a description of the Mutari Chocolate bean-to-bottle process. 

Each bottle of hot chocolate is hand crafted with completely whole ingredients and created starting with the cacao bean. Everything from roasting the ethically traded cacao beans to stone grinding for over 72 hours, to filling each bottle and hand tying each piece of hemp chord is done in by hand in small batches. The result is a hot chocolate gift set that is unlike any other and will be sure to impress any lucky recipient.

Mutari Craft Sipping Chocolate Is:

  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Ethically Traded
  • Hand Crafted in Small Batches
  • "Dark" meaning that there is more cacao than any other ingredient (you can taste the actual cacao flavor!)

Recommendations for Preparation

At Mutari, we make our hot chocolate by heating up 4-6 oz of organic unsweetened coconut milk on the stovetop. We then add 1-2 ounces of hot chocolate mix and stir well. Using a whisk will help the milk froth. We then pour into one of our favorite mugs and enjoy slowly. That being said, water or another unsweetened milk will make for an equally tasty beverage!



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