Drinking Chocolate

At Mutari we are hot chocolate perfectionists, connoisseurs, and enthusiasts. We believe that our organic gourmet hot chocolate mix should be enjoyed as a gift to yourself and others. We believe that chocolate should be enjoyed as it has been for 90% of its existence on earth and that is as a rich, healing, organic drink. With these principles in mind we have found the most authentic, organic, and flavorful ingredients that are also sustainably traded, and hand craft the finest hot chocolate mix possible. 

  • All of our offerings are single origin, meaning that we source cacao beans from only one small location for each mix
  • We only source cacao beans that give back to the farmer and the planet. Most of the cacao we buy from the farmer is certified organic, is always ethically traded and in most cases Rainforest Alliance Certified
  • We believe in real hot chocolate, meaning that the first ingredient is stone ground cacao and not sugar. Our mixes are authentic, rich, and bursting with flavor